Businesses Can Trust Anton Kalafati, President Of B Side Construction, For Professional Work

Anton Kalafati B Side Construction

For those in the remodeling and construction industry, striking out on your own and launching a business venture is the sign of ultimate success. It symbolizes the time spent toiling on hard jobs, working long hours and learning just about every trick of the trade as you swung hammers during the day and planned your next business move at night. For Anton Kalafati, a reputable businessman hailing from California’s Bay Area in San Francisco, the launch of B Side Construction more than a decade ago was that capstone success. However, it took many years of hard work to get there. We encourage those looking to learn more about Anton Kalafati, who is president of B Side Construction, to continue reading. We’re sure that potential business clients will see his skills, past projects and knowledge of the industry a valuable asset on possible future projects.

Background of Anton Kalafati

A graduate of the City College of San Francisco, Mr. Kalafati concurrently worked for the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) while attending higher education. As a member of the building maintenance team, he was tasked with a wide variety of jobs across the school’s 255-acre campus. First built in 1864, UCSF is the oldest medical school on the West Coast. With that fact in mind, it’s easy to see why Anton Kalafati was kept busy with repair work. His total tasks at UCSF would eventually grow to include overall building maintenance, material ordering and holding the title of emergency on-call repairman. Mr. Kalafati would attend college from 2004 through 2007, which is the same timeframe that he worked for UCSF. However, graduation spurred him to achieve loftier goals so he’d leave UCSF in January 2007.

At the same time, Anton Kalafati would become president of B Side Construction. This commercial construction company, which focuses on restaurant, storefront and apartment complex renovations, is known for its window work. However, photos from past projects that the company has completed shows how adept it is at knocking out modernized projects. As president, Mr. Kalafati wears a great number of hats. He’s responsible for managing employees, site management, project management, project scheduling, cost estimating and the contract negotiation that goes along with it. These skills come naturally to the second-generation construction expert that Anton Kalafati is. For owners of businesses who are looking to modernize their storefronts, factor in the facts that Mr. Kalafati is a U.S. Green Building Council LEED certified associate and proficient in AutoCAD as well as Microsoft Project and you’re sure to have someone skilled on your side.